Secrids’ social sustainability was the leading principle for building the company; to favour personal relations, personal growth and inclusivity. This was the starting point for the design of the new office. A renovated 2000m2 warehouse that dates from 1965. The internal layout, which doesn’t have management offices or separate departments but does feature a large espresso bar through which everybody enters the office, and a workshop where designers and specialists craft prototypes. 25% of the area hadn’t been addressed in the program, leaving space for organic growth. The brands core is family and this office had to reflect just that. With everyone in one large studio, collaboration plays a central role. In many positions in the company – from sales, to supply chain management – there are people with a background as designers: open plan offices are often considered a drag, at Secrid the creative spirit really flourishes.

This project served as a starting point for the company’s steps into creating a physical identity. Many of the buildings features now serve as design manifest.